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PR & Publicity Strategy

Are you a coach who writes a blog, hosts a podcast, thinks about a YouTube channel, but you also want to build relationships, pitch influencers and get yourself into SEO, because everyone tells you how important that is? Do you have big dreams and want your coaching business to succeed without giving up your life? At the same time, you feel like a headless chicken, and you don’t have a clue if your efforts even are going to be successful? Don’t worry, I know the feeling, and you’re in the right place.

As a coach you want to focus on the results of your clients, and not on racking your brain on how to get clients! To be able to do that, a solid PR strategy is essential for your success.

What is PR?

Public Relations (PR) means nothing more than how you relate to the public. As a coach, three public dimensions are relevant for you which are: Your clients, multipliers (e.g. journalists, blogger, vlogger, podcaster, etc.) and your employees, if you have them.

  • Your clients pay you.
  • Multipliers spread your message and boost your visibility and credibility.
  • Employees love to work for someone with a great reputation.

There are different ways how you can connect with and become visible to them, and this is where I come into play.

Depending on your goals, I help you to set up and implement an impactful PR strategy for your coaching business.

What are the benefits of PR?

There are many benefits of Public Relations, but I mainly want to mention three of them:

Advertising is what you say about yourself. PR is what others say about you. Which means, it increases your credibility and expert status.

PR is easy (yes, it is!). I show you how to do your own PR and how to leverage it for maximum results.

PR will skyrocket your visibility – for free! And believe me, it is not rocket science!

Through the visibility, credibility and your expert status clients will not only find you but book you. If you solve a problem they struggle with, they want to work with you!

The most famous PR myths

You need to hire someone who does your PR.

That is the reason why many coaches don’t do PR and lose so many opportunities to grow their business. They think it can’t be done by oneself.

Let me tell you: That is bullshit and one of the most annoying myths I hear on a regular basis.

Actually, you are the best person to do your PR because you know your business like no one else! It isn’t rocket science!

Doing PR is complicated and hard.

The opposite is true – and I am the living proof! If you think to yourself that you also need a degree in journalism and PR, I can tell you – you absolutely don’t!

PR is a combination of building relationships, learn how to pitch journalists and influencers, leverage social media and make use of search engine optimisation (SEO) when you create your content.

PR isn’t worth the investment

You have to spend time and effort to make your PR work – just like with anything else when you run your own business.

Though the big advantage with PR is that the investment you make is sustainable, which means that it seems more work in the beginning (and it is), but it pays off on the long-term. With no other efforts, you can build a reputation and earn credibility that fast like with PR.

Set a stable foundation and it carries you much further than any other investment you make.


How I can help you 

Depending on your needs I can help you with:

Pitching influencers: I help you to find the right journalists and influencers and show you how to connect with and pitch them, so you get fantastic online & offline media coverage for your coaching business.

Content Marketing: I help you to set up a practical and realistic content and/or social media strategy to leverage your online engagements and build a reliable source of organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): I teach you how to produce content that search engines will love.

Results you will get after having worked with me:

  • An increase in your traffic.
  • An increase in social media followers.
  • An increase in clients, no matter if it is 1:1 or for your digital products.
  • Much more visibility.
  • Much more credibility.
  • Much more speaking opportunities.
  • A better reputation, or one at all.
  • Opportunities you never thought of.
  • You become a recognised expert in your niche.

With the right efforts, you don’t have to invest money in advertising to get the visibility and reputation you desire.

Well done PR = more visibility & credibility = more money = more time & freedom.


Get your coaching business in the media like a pro

This package includes:

  • Four calls á 45 minutes (every week via Skype)
  • unlimited email support
  • homework (to prepare the sessions and implement your strategy)

In 4 weeks you will have everything you need to pitch to journalists and influencers over and over again to get your coaching business in the media. I teach you my personal formula which got me featured in huge magazines like Cosmopolitan, Closer, In, Instyle, on the radio and even on TV.

You will know exactly how to craft and sell your story, how to adjust your story angle for every publication. You will learn how to find the right reporter, his/her contact details and what to send to stand out, so your pitch is irresistible! 

I don’t teach you theory (although I have a master degree in journalism and PR), I show you exactly how I became Germany’s #1 heartbreak coach and still being featured in the media. And how you can do the same!

1297,00 Euro (+ VAT)

Schedule a free clarity call, and we talk about your business, your goals and see what an efficient PR strategy can do for you.

Set yourself apart with your high impact PR & content marketing strategy for coaches

This package includes:

  • Six Skype calls á 45 minutes (within 8 weeks)
  • unlimited email support
  • homework (to prepare the sessions and implement your strategy)

Topics of the sessions:

Free publicityI teach you my personal formula which got me featured in huge magazines like Cosmopolitan, Closer, In, Instyle, on the radio and even on TV.

You will know exactly how to craft and sell your story, how to adjust your story angle for every publication. You will learn how to find the right reporter, his/her contact details and what to send to stand out, so your pitch is irresistible! 

Also, we talk about content marketing! You’ll know how to create content that your dream client will consume AND one that will be optimised for search engines, so your clients and also journalists will find you!

In 8 weeks you will have a PR strategy that will work for you immediately, and on the long-term, so you don’t have to spend money on advertising. You know exactly how to grow your audience, how to pitch journalists and influencers and most likely you will have your first media coverage already!

Figuring it all out by yourself is possible, but time-consuming and frustrating. I support and guide you with all my knowledge, expertise and compassion. This package is an investment not only in your business but also in your health.

It is a shortcut and will save you sleepless nights and give you inner peace and the freedom to focus on your core business.

1777,00 Euro (+ VAT)

Schedule a free call, and we talk about your business and your goals to see what an efficient PR strategy can do for you.


You might wonder why I can help you. That’s the reason why I want to give you some insights into the numbers of my relationship coaching business: I launched my blog in March 2015 and moved it to another domain in June 2016, which was the cause that I have lost 85% of my traffic (I hired the wrong people!), and it forced me to start over again.

So here’s my website traffic from June 2016 to July 2018. It is all organic traffic, none of it was paid. In two years I have reached more than 1.000.000 people with content on my website. By now I have between 80.000 and 100.000 monthly readers. In my case, the traffic is seasonal due to the topic of heartbreak, but that depends on your business.

Besides my online visibility, I am also well-known offline. Since March 2015 I have created media coverage with an advertising value equivalency of more than 3 million euro – and so can you! I know this sounds impossible, but trust me, I’m no different than you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to work with you?

We work together on an actionable publicity & content marketing strategy that you can implement step by step. But you’re the one who applies it, which means you need determination, consistency and reliability.

How do I know this is for me?

We have a free 20-minute call in which you can ask me all your questions and then decide wheater we’re a fit or not.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, click on the payment button and you can choose during the payment process.

How fast do I see the success?

To bring a sustainable publicity & content marketing strategy in place and see its results takes time. Our work is a long-term investment. All you do today will bring you results in the long-term. If you want results tomorrow, you might want to get familiar with Facebook ads, but also keep in mind that this strategy will keep on costing you money. I advise to do both, but not neglect your long-term PR strategy.

Do I need to invest in advertising or tools?

No. We’re working on a sustainable organic strategy, so we don’t do ads. I will suggest tools that lighten your work and speed up results, one of them is free and one of them is fee-based, but it is your decision which one you use. Both will do the job.

What if I don't make it for our session?

There is a 24-hours cancellation policy. I ask you to appreciate my time as much as I do yours and let me know at least 24 hours before our session if you’re not able to be there so that we can reschedule.

What if the strategy doesn't work?

It’s not rocket science, and I guarantee you it works if you put effort into it.


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