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BTE #13: How to Get Started with Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter marketing (or email marketing) is king when it comes to building your position as an expert, growing your business and adding more value to your clients’ lives. But when your coaching business is still getting off the ground, it can be hard to know how to get started with newsletter marketing and making it work for you.

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BTE #11: How to Do that Media Interview Like A Pro

So, you’ve done all that hard work. You’ve pitched your story to a journalist or editor, they loved the message you’re sharing, and so you landed that interview. Awesome! There’s just one problem. The mere thought of doing the interview itself leaves you quaking in your boots.

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BTE #8: My 8-Step Personal Content Creation Process

You know that you need to create some amazing content so that you can serve the needs of your audience, position yourself as an expert and find clients with ease. But making sense of all the steps you need to take to get from your idea to your finished piece of content and getting it optimised for Google and social media can seem like a huge task to tackle.

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BTE #5: Pick One Content Channel and One Social Media Platform if You Want to Get Your Message Heard. Seriously.

When you’re building your coaching business, it can feel overwhelming to even think about the huge amount of social media marketing you’re supposed to be doing. Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? YouTube? Snapchat?… How are you supposed to keep creating high-quality content, engage with your ideal audience and build a rock-solid business on all of these platforms at once?

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