become a go-to relationship expert and skyrocket your sales – without any complicated marketing

Hi there.

I don’t know how you’ve found this website, but I am glad you’re here.

Why? Because in the past years as a relationship coach, I have realized something that might sound familiar to you; and it’s the following:

“As a (relationship) coach you need to build a massive online following before you can be seen as an expert and make sales that are much more than just for a living.”

Do you think that way? 

Then I’ve got great news for you: It’s simply not true!

There’s a way to build an expert image and boost your sales at light speed.

If you’re a relationship coach looking for a way to build an expert image to massively increase your sales without spending all your time with complicated marketing, then go on reading:

Have you ever seen coaches with an ‘As Seen In’ section, mentioning Cosmopolitan, Forbes,, MindBodyGreen, Inc. and more, and wondered “How on earth did they get featured in these huge media outlets?”

If you work hard to run a successful coaching business, it can be frustrating to see that other coaches are seen as the go-to expert and attract new clients with ease, but you don’t.

And it feels even worse when you offer similar services and are longer on the market, but still “didn’t make it”. No one really seems to know you, while your competitors have an outstanding reputation and you keep on seeing their name coming back everywhere in the media, online and offline. 

Maybe you also just started out with your coaching business and you realize that it’s harder to cut through the noise and get new clients than you thought. And you wonder what all “these famous coaches” have what you don’t seem to have.

You’d love to take the shortcut to an expert reputation, but you think you don’t have what it takes?

Do your competitors have something you don’t? Absolutely not!

You can achieve the same and more. Just imagine…

Imagine if you never had to wrack your brain about new clients anymore, because you regularly receive emails from your ideal clients who want to work with you.

Imagine if you stood out as a thought leader in your niche, and suddenly journalists and influencers would contact you to ask for an interview and keeps flowing.

Imagine if you could increase your prices and only work with your ideal clients.

Imagine if you had thousands of people on your email list and receive endless thank you emails because you help them with your work and make a difference in their lives.

Imagine if you had a raving following waiting to devour your products and services.

Imagine if amazing opportunities come to you unexpectedly, like book deals, collaborations or speaking invitations.

Imagine if running your own coaching business didn’t have to eat up all your time.

Imagine if you can stand out with incredible publicity as a go-to expert, because you know that the coaching industry is exploding and becomes more and more competitive.

Imagine if you could finally work less and make more, because the ‘snowball effect’ helps you to get publicity and dream clients over and over again.

You too, can become the go-to expert in your niche and skyrocket your sales without any complicated marketing!

Isn’t my coaching business too boring for the media?

(Nope, it’s actually the opposite!) 

Only about fifteen years ago, getting in the media was a privilege for medium-sized and big companies. The access to journalists was limited and you needed to have or be a PR expert to get featured anywhere.

With the internet that has massively changed.

Journalists are more on the hunt for interesting stories than ever before, simply because they need to produce more content than ever before.

And that’s your advantage! The only thing you need to learn is how to strategically approach your PR and what to do exactly. Once you have mastered that, just follow these steps again and again. 

I can just advertise to become visible and to get clients! 

Sure, you can. But here’s the thing with advertising:

It costs you money, lots of money!

If you learn how to become your own publicist, sharing your message with the world is FREE!

Let me quote online marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk here:

“So many big companies out there are spending billions of dollars on TV commercials…even though nobody’s watching them. 

But here’s the punchline for you: 

Over the next few years, the biggest companies in the world will finally understand that. And then, they’ll pour their money into Facebook and Instagram instead. 

That means that cost of running ads on these platforms will go from… say… $4 to $80. The “golden era” will be over.

And whilst I believe that advertising definitely should be part of your marketing, it should not be the only thing you rely on to create buzz and become visible.

On top of that, there’s a saying:

Advertising is what you say about yourself. PR is what others say about you.

Don’t underestimate this third-party endorsement!

Think about it: Would you rather work with a coach based on what they say about themselves in a Facebook ad, or would you be more convinced if a good friend (or a famous and credible media outlet) recommends them?

But I am not an expert! 

This is probably one of the most common answers I hear on why coaches don’t get started with PR for their business.

If you have a clear niche and you know how to help your clients to solve very specific problems, guess what:

You’re an expert! 

Don’t get hung up on the thought you need to learn more about this and more about that. You already are good enough, and you’re ready to get started with approaching the media.

I started my business helping other women to get over heartache with empathy due to my personal experience, compassion and knowledge I gathered from books and applied to my own situation.

I haven’t studied psychology or did any fancy education around coaching. 

If you can help your clients to solve their specific problem, you are an expert on that topic. Period.

And believe me, you have and know more than enough for the media to be interested in you!

Being seen in the media seems scary to me! 

I get it! Many, especially female, coaches find it intimidating to be seen by a wide range of people and keep on asking themselves:

“Am I really good enough?”

Let me assure you: Yes, you are! Even in times when it doesn’t feel like it.

You became a coach to change the life of others and to help them solve a problem that is impacting their lives negatively.

It’s challenging to leave your comfort zone sometimes, but if you’ve ever done it before, you know the ecstatic feeling you had when you did it!

Focus on your message and your goal to help others and know that PR and publicity is an excellent way to impact the lives of thousands or even millions of people and at the same time positions you as an expert in your niche.

Your coaching business isn’t about you, it’s about your clients.

I am Germany’s #1 Heartbreak Coach and Expert!


By using my proven step-by-step system to get in the media I’ve been featured in Cosmopolitan, Instyle, Closer, In and many more. I’ve been on several radio shows and even on TV. In total I’ve created an advertising value of more than €3 million in a little over a year.


But not only that! I got several speaking opportunities and I’ve also landed a major book deal with a well-known German publishing house and it became a bestseller.

Coaches (especially relationship coaches!) have what journalists are looking for every single day: Unique stories that are incredibly valuable for the media. You only need to learn which stories are relevant and to whom, how and when to offer them.

Publicity is free and it will give you access to thousands or even millions of people at the same time, with whom you can share your message, turn them into fans and make them your clients.

With publicity you become a leading expert in your industry at light speed, which will open up opportunities you’ve never dreamed of, like book deals, speaking gigs or huge collaborations.

Your time is the most valuable resource you have. With publicity you can sell more products and services, raise your prices and only work with your dream clients. In other words: You can work less and stop wracking your brain about growing your business and making more than enough money.

You certainly have to put in the work, but it is not rocket science! And you do not need any PR experience to make this real for your coaching business as well! Just like I have done and like my clients constantly do.

What some of my clients say…

I went to a business event where I heard Simone talk about PR and her proven strategy to get into the media. Suddenly, I realised that I had been doing it all wrong from the beginning. I applied the steps and thought about her advice how to and how not to approach the media in my new efforts. Within 1 day (!) I had booked 3 new interviews about my business in national on- and offline media! One of it with 53 million monthly readers. I am glad that I know this now, and I wished I had known this earlier! Thank you, Simone!



Simone is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to PR and publicity! She knows exactly how to get your coaching business in the media. During my work with her, I have experienced her as very reliable and supportive! She takes you by the hand and helps you step by step to avoid overwhelm. Her expertise, experience and own results are huge and speak for itself. If you’re ready to put in the work, Simone is the perfect PR and publicity expert to approach. I can warmly recommend her.



I started my coaching business a couple of months ago and I knew I had to become visible if I want to succeed as a coach. Simone is the perfect person to work with because she has been where I am now and therefore, she understands exactly what I need and brings across her knowledge in an easy and comprehensible way. Her coaching sessions are very effective, and you can fully focus on the work with her as you’ll receive a recording of the session. To get through all the information you can find out there by myself, and to acquire her valuable knowledge would have been impossible for me being a mom of two and building my own business. Simone is very motivating and supportive, shares all her comprehensive expertise and was a tremendous help for me. I am happy I’ve met her and can highly recommend her. 



Simone is my office colleague at Hashtag Workmode Groningen. I got to know her as funny and sincere. After a while I got to know Simone better and I appreciate her even more for her courage. During a workshop she has opened my eyes. Simone has shared her knowledge of PR in a very authentic way and made me excited to do more with it. She has brought what seemed far away closer and I am grateful for that. Simone shares her profession with humor, practical and to the point.



I highly recommend to attend a workshop of Simone if you want to learn more about visibility in the media. For me, it’s totally clear that stories are key, but how do I get them out there? Simone gave very helpful insights on how to think like a journalist. After her presentation, I felt a high vibe energy to go for it and started to work on getting in the publications I always wanted. Thank you, Simone!



i created my exclusive mentoring program “publicity rockstar”  to give you A complete and easy step-by-step system to build an expert image and skyrocket your sales at light speed

I have started with nothing, completely from scratch: I did not have much experience as a coach, and I didn’t have any fancy education that would have proven that I am an expert on heartache.

In March 2015 I launched my heartbreak coaching business and I spend the first three months only with blogging and optimizing my content. While this is a great and valuable long-term strategy, I wanted to build momentum, but I hardly had website visitors or clients.

I also didn’t have the budget to invest thousands of euro in advertising. It was frustrating, because the only thing I wanted, was to get my message out there and to help my clients with what I was passionate about.

So, I decided to put all my efforts in PR and publicity, after all I knew that journalists are looking for stories and that I had them.

And this was when everything changed. 

In the beginning I tried to send press releases because I was used to it from my corporate job as a PR manager, but it didn’t work. Not a single journalist came back to me.

But I didn’t give up and after a while I figured out a much faster way to get featured in the media, especially when you’re a relationship coach! I developed and fine-tuned my own system to make sure that I got all the free publicity I wanted, and it worked!

With this system I was featured in Cosmopolitan, Instyle, Closer, In and so many more! I was on several radio shows and even on TV. But I also had more than 1.000.000 organic website visitors in little over a year, I built a massive email list, and last but not least: I got a major book deal with a huge German publishing house and my book became a bestseller!

All this helped me with the fact that my clients suddenly found me, and I didn’t have to chase them anymore. And at the same time, I could increase my prices, made much more sales and finally could work less and earn more.

And: It was all for free. If I had to pay for all my media coverage, I would have had to spend around 3 million euro!

my exclusive coaching program “Publicity rockstar” compiles my most successful lessons and strategies into a step-by-step system to get in the media and build an expert image to skyrocket your sales, and all without any pr experience or complicated marketing

In my premium mentoring program “Publicity Rockstar”, I’m teaching you the exact strategies I’ve used to get my coaching business in the media, to reach millions of people and to become Germany’s #1 Heartbreak Coach and a bestselling author.

I know that you, as a (relationship) coach, have a rare gift to recreate incredibly valuable content for the media over and over again, and to build such an outstanding reputation that journalists will come back to you, and clients will want to work with you and pay you what you deserve. 

Publicity Rockstar is the only premium mentoring program that is specialized in teaching PR and publicity tailor-made for (relationship) coaches. This coaching program is all you need to build an expert image and skyrocket your sales!

Most coaches aren’t perceived as an expert and fight for new clients. I am going to show you how that’s not you.

Getting in the media isn’t about being someone with ‘insider connections’ to the press, it’s about building relationships and making the life of a journalist as easy as possible.

They are grateful to hear from you, if you offer them what they need, when they need it.

And they don’t care if you just started out with your business or run it since a decade, as long as you can support them and understand how journalists think and work.

With “Publicity Rockstar” I teach you my proven step-by-step system on how to get that done and share all insider information you need to know!

Don’t you want to learn the secrets to create an expert image and skyrocket your sales at speed light? Then apply for my exclusive mentoring program now!

From unknown to expert at light speed

The most challenging part about PR is to get started! 

Once you know the exact steps to approach the media with something they’re looking for and to go from unknown to expert, it will become a part of your daily business strategy.

You will consume the media differently and see exposure opportunities you haven’t seen before.

But you will also understand how to come up with media relevant stories over and over again, and when to pitch them and to whom.

Of course, you can Google around and read all the very different approaches on how to get in the media, then do the “trial and error game” and figure it out yourself. Or you can just use my proven system for it that helped me to become Germany’s #1 Heartbreak Coach and Expert in a little more than a year.  

I have implemented and fine-tuned it over the past five years and now share with you all you need to become the go-to expert and ‘live off’ the credibility you’ll gain. 

There won’t be any faster way to get visible, credible and become the go-to expert in your niche than being featured in major media outlets. 

What are you waiting for?

You will absolutely love my mentoring program “Publicity Rockstar” if…

  • You want to build an expert image and massively increase your sales.
  • You want to work less and earn more.
  • You would love to get in the media, but it feels overwhelming and you want to follow a proven step-by-step system.
  • You run a (relationship) coaching business, but you are frustrated because often you feel it’s a struggle to grow.
  • You understand that the coaching industry is exploding and is becoming more and more competitive over the upcoming years, and that you need to do more than Facebook and Instagram to cut through the noise.
  • You want to get your message out there to as many people as possible, but social media just doesn’t do the trick for you.
  • You want to build and grow your coaching business fast, but often you feel stuck and would like to speed things up.
  • You want to be able to exclusively work with your dream clients who are dedicated to the outcome you offer, but you can’t afford to say no to interested suspects.
  • You have been trying SO MANY things to sell your products and services, but your email list just doesn’t grow and things seem to get harder instead of easier.
  • You want to become a thought leader in your industry and publish books, but it seems almost unreachable in your head.
  • You want to have more freedom and spend more time with your loved ones, but you feel you continuously need to sit behind the laptop and market your business.

my mentoring program is NOT for YOU IF…

  • You are not a (relationship) coach. Although you can learn a lot as an entrepreneur and someone who sells physical products, my system is really tailor-made for coaches.
  • You are looking for a magic pill and don’t want to put in the work. My system only works if you do too!
  • You are looking for a “done-for-you-service”. The mentoring program is based on 1:1 consulting sessions with me personally, but you don’t buy a publicist, you become one 😉


From my experience I can say that this mentorship only works if you have direct access to me – not only for my feedback, input and knowledge, but also to overcome mindset blocks which will occur.

Therefore, I can’t help everyone and want to find out more about you, your business and goals first to decide if we’re a match.

To qualify for my mentoring generally you need to be a relationship coach, love coach, dating coach, divorce coach, heartbreak coach, breakup coach, sex coach, intimacy coach or a coach who works in any kind of interpersonal relationships. 

This mentoring program requires an active investment from you in two ways:

Mentally: One of the most important characteristics you need to embody if you want to work with me, is that you’re hands-on and implement what I teach you. My strategies only work if you do! 

Financially: And you need to be willing to invest in yourself! This isn’t one of those online courses that provide content and leave you hanging with implementation struggles and mindset blocks. This mentoring program gives you direct access to me, and I am 100% committed to our work together, so I expect the same from you!

The application process



Click ‘Apply Now’ and fill in the application form. Be as specfic as you can. 


Within 48 hours I will call you to talk about your goals, your challenges and to find out how I can help you.


Based on what I learnt about you, I will decide whether I can offer you a spot in my mentoring program or not. If so, you are entitled to a FREE consulting session with me. In this session we map out a step-by-step plan how you can become a go-to expert in your niche and skyrocket your sales without doing any complicated marketing.

What does the mentoring program include?

8 one-on-one mentoring sessions with Simone 

Video Trainings 



 Direct Access to Simone for instant feedback

Now, who’s that PR & publicity expert mentoring and consulting you?

Hey there! I am your Mentor, Simone SAUTER-KROL!

I help coaches to get their business in the media, so they become an authority in their niche to skyrocket their sales and revenue. I do this with teaching them my proven step-by-step system that I created and fine-tuned over the past five years. My goal is that my clients can work less and earn more.

I don’t teach blunt theory (although I hold a master’s degree in journalism and am a certified PR consultant), but only lessons and strategies I use for my own coaching business. 

In March 2015 I have launched my coaching business in the relationship niche specializing in heartbreak coaching and became Germany’s #1 Heartbreak Coach in less than two years.

My website organically reached more than 1.000.000 people within less than two years, I have built a massive email list, got featured online and offline in media outlets like Cosmopolitan, Instyle, Closer, In and many more. I was on several radio shows and even on TV. And on top of that, through publicity I landed a major book deal with a huge German publishing house, and it even became a bestseller.

Looking at my media coverage of the first 16 months, if I had to pay for it in form of advertising, I would have had to spend more than 3 million euro!

But it wasn’t always like that.

The first three months after having started my coaching business I was only blogging and focusing on SEO and optimising my content. That’s a great long-term strategy, but it’s very frustrating when you just start out because it takes a couple of months until you’ll rank well. I was tired of waiting for “something to happen”, so I decided to get started with PR, after all I knew what journalists are looking for.

So, I started to send press releases because I was used to it from my corporate job as a PR manager, but I was very disappointed about the outcome, not one journalist came back to me.

But I didn’t give up.

I knew that journalists needed content, so I sat down and worked on a strategy to get in the media, based on what I’ve learnt in my studies and experienced in my job as a PR manager.

Then I combined these lessons with my own ideas and started to send out pitches. Over the past five years I kept on fine-tuning my system and from the results you can see that it works like a charm. 

I’ve been featured in

So even if you just started your coaching business a week ago, if you’re putting in the work, you can achieve the same and more!

Spots for my mentoring are limited. I work with you personally and am 100% dedicated to your success. Therefore I can’t work with everyone and you need to apply. 


You subscribe to download my expert roadmap for coaches. It is a 4-part video step-by-step guide that helps you map out your fastest way to position yourself as an expert within your niche and get the visibility, the impact, the reputation and the money you desire.

Besides that, you will receive my weekly newsletter with knowledge and inspiration around becoming the expert. 

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