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    by Simone Sauter

    Do you ever wish that you could build the online coaching business of your dreams without spending a cent on advertising? Want to become a recognised expert in your niche and get clients with ease?

    I know how you feel because once I was where you are now.

    Yes, I felt insanely driven to make a lasting change to people’s lives and make my coaching dreams come true. But I didn’t have a clue how to do it.

    I didn’t have the tech knowledge. I wasn’t clued-up about social media. And as for email marketing, I didn’t know how to make it work for me.

    But I did it, and you can too.

    In this blog, I’m going to share with you my story of how I became Germany’s number one heartbreak coach and how you can enjoy success in your online business and become the expert in your niche without spending a cent on advertising.

    First, I want to introduce myself then go on to tell you how I went from feeling suicidal because of heartbreak to building a thriving online coaching business by making this pain my biggest asset. I want to inspire you by sharing what is possible when you really put your mind to it.

    Not only this- I also want to tell you what you can expect when you stick around. Thanks for being here!  

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    Hey! I’m Simone Sauter, PR and Publicity Strategist, best-selling author and founder of

    I’m originally from Germany but I’ve been travelling and living as a digital nomad for more than three years. I settled in the Netherlands in 2017. My background is in journalism and PR, and I’m about to finish my training to be an NLP and hypnosis master practitioner.

    Alright, let’s get into what I actually want to tell you today.


    To tell you my story, I have to reach back a bit to May 2012 because this is where my journey as a coach, an online coach, and an entrepreneur began…

    It was at that time when something happened that would change the course of my life forever. I’d been in a happy relationship for 10 years and was looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my partner.

    Then completely out of the blue, my partner left me and had a new girlfriend within four weeks.

    This was one of the darkest times in my life. It was the start of my descent into depression and suicidal feelings, and a headache which lasted for more than two years.

    It was during this time that I worked with a coach who showed me the value of seeking support and guidance from someone when you’re struggling and feel like you don’t have the answers.

    At this time, I also read extensively and learned a lot about heartache and heartbreak, emotion, self-love, healing, neuroscience and spirituality. After two years of suffering and struggling, I came away with one core lesson about heartbreak.

    I discovered that heartbreak is the pain we feel when we realise we’ve devoted so much of our energy to connecting with another person and ended up losing the connection to ourselves.

    Once I’d had this epiphany, I was feeling much stronger and well on my path to healing. So I decided to go to Malaysia to travel for one month, just by myself.


    This was the start of what I call the ‘junior’ of my life because it was on this journey that I experienced many moments of epiphany.  To cut a long story short, this experience pushed me into quitting my job when I returned to Munich.

    I didn’t really know what I was going to do, but as they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

    Amazingly, when I came home I came across an interview with an amazing woman who’s one of my best friends today. In this interview, she shared how she built an online business while she was travelling the world.

    When I read this interview, I knew instantly that this was the path for me.

    I didn’t know exactly what I was going to go to make this happen, but I was convinced my destiny lay in building my own online business.

    As I spent the next couple of weeks getting clear on what I wanted to do, one thing became clear.

    I wanted to build a business that would help other women, a coaching business around the topic of how to overcome heartache and become their strongest selves because this is what people always asked me.

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    Despite having a background in journalism and in PR, I didn’t really know how to build an online business.

    I didn’t know how to build a website and do all these kinds of things that seemed so complicated.

    But it didn’t matter. I just spent the next six months educating myself about everything online and quit my job just six months later.

    During those six months, I sat down and I learned about how to build a website, and how to do online marketing, SEO, content marketing, affiliate marketing and everything you need to build a business. From all that I learned, I set up a very clear strategy which I could put into action straight away.

    I knew it wasn’t going to be like the easiest thing I’ve chosen my life. But I knew how much I wanted to do it, so I made it happen.

    This is one of the reasons why I became Germany’s number one heartbreak coach so quickly- I had a clear strategy and I was willing to put in the work to make it happen.

    These days my website has more than 100,000 monthly readers and I’ve been featured in like magazines like Cosmopolitan and InStyle.

    But, don’t get me wrong or misunderstand me, that doesn’t mean I didn’t make any mistakes and I’m happy.

    Of course, I made mistakes along the way.

    Making mistakes is normal and everyone makes them.

    What matters is that you learn from the mistakes you make and change your strategy accordingly.

    This is a very powerful lesson you can use in your own journey through life, your own story.

    You see, like me, you can achieve everything you want, especially if you arm yourself with a rock-solid plan and work hard to make it happen. You might make mistakes along the way, but you can make it happen.


    So let me tell you more about what do I do and how I can support you to make your dreams come true…

    My company is called FEATHERY, and I help coaches to become a recognised expert in their niche and get clients with ease.

    Basically, I help them to create what I created with my online coaching business – I help them to become visible to journalists, influencers, potential clients and anyone else who can help them grow their business and to make money.

    I do this by helping them to design PR and publicity strategies and by helping them to create an expert mindset.

    You see, you can’t be successful, grow your business or become the go-to expert if you don’t have the right mindset.

    If you think you’re ‘not worthy’, if you’re thinking you’re not good enough, if you think you’re not the expert, you won’t make it.

    By combining the power of having a solid, well-thought-out strategy and strengthening your mindset, you will speed up the process of getting noticed, getting clients and growing your business.


    Most coaches don’t have a massive advertising budget, especially in the beginning.

    That’s why I teach you how to get free publicity! 

    Even if you do have an advertising budget, I really encourage you to implement what I teach you and start creating your own buzz for free.

    After all, the big difference between PR and advertising is that PR is what other people say about you, and advertising is what you say about yourself.

    Get these right and you’ll kickstart your business in the best way possible.


    Over the past few years, I’ve met so many people with really amazing gifts that they wanted to use to help other people and to improve the life of other people.

    But they didn’t know how to reach these people. They didn’t know how to get clients. And they didn’t have a massive budget to actually reach these people either

    I personally find this super tragic because I think our world needs more people who are willing to help and support others and help people to change their life. And this is what you’re doing when you’re a coach – you help other people to solve a problem.

    That’s why I’m so passionate about what I do.

    When I teach you how to find the people you want to help, it doesn’t just help your business but it also helps make the world a better place.

    When you can make a living from what you love, what you’re good at, what’s fun for you and you have the money to enjoy the freedom you desire, the world is your oyster. You can do whatever you want.

    You can choose what you want and what you need, based on your desires and not whether you believe your dream is possible.

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    Now, what can you expect when you stick around?


    Let me explain…

    I have a very strong focus in my business because I believe that focus gives us the freedom to create in-depth, deep, valuable, high-quality content.

    I’ve appeared everywhere with my first business. I’ve been on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’ve done email marketing, had a community and run successful and supportive Facebook groups.

    But it got too much in the end. I felt so overwhelmed and unable to live up to my own standards because I had to feed so many feeds.

    That’s why I decided to be very focused in this business. I’m going to keep it simple for you.

    I won’t overwhelm you with content that you just don’t know what to do with or drown your brain with endless tasks that you’ll never get done.

    Instead, I’ll try to provide you exactly the support you need, exactly when you need it.


    Here’s where you can find my content and connect with me:

    This podcast. I run this podcast and with every podcast, you also get a blog article which is a summary of what I shared.

    A free downloadable worksheet. With some episodes, you’ll also get a free downloadable worksheet that will help reinforce what you learned in the podcast and to really implement it in your own business.

    Social media. You can also find me on Instagram, although I don’t actually post anything but use Instagram Stories and Instagram Lives. And I’m on Pinterest, too! 

    My email list. I regularly send out emails with valuable content for you as a coach. If you want to grow your business, if you want to do PR, digital PR and everything we just talked about, then sign up to my list here.

    Join the community: This is a paid community because it gives me the freedom to create deep, valuable content for you, to really answer your questions and to give you the value you deserve. We have regular Q&A sessions where I answer all your questions whatever they are (as long as they’re about building an online coaching business). We also have a spreadsheet there where you can connect with other coaches and collaborate with them and support each other. Come over and join us!


    Okay, before we wrap up I’d just like to give you a tip that I wish someone had shared with me when I first got started.

    It’s this…Take days off. Yes, really!

    I personally do this and make sure my weekends are a clear space when I can focus on my family and my friends and do non-work-related things I love. The reason why I do that is because I know the importance of having time to recharge so you can keep showing up.

    I show up during the entire week. I show up for my community, for my clients, for you, to serve you.

    But then I also need time to disconnect, recharge my batteries, and set boundaries.

    I learned the hard way the importance of setting boundaries with my clients and with my community, because technology really gives us the feeling that we’re required to be there, 24-7.

    I still remember when I started out my first business, I was so stressed when someone commented or someone sent me a message because I had the feeling that I had to answer immediately.

    But that’s not the case. We might feel like we have to answer immediately, but it’s just not like that.

    So set boundaries and tell your community, “Hey, I’m not available that at that time.”

    Take time off. Unwind. Disconnect. You can’t just keep giving and giving.

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