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    by Simone Sauter

    Creating powerful content is an essential part of every successful PR and publicity strategy.

    Get it right and you can help solve your client’s problems, build the visibility of your business, get in front of the people who matter, become the go-to person in your niche and get more clients with ease.

    However, it can be very challenging to have a flow of creative content ideas without being a copycat or getting overwhelmed with the whole idea of content creation.

    So, in this article, I want to share some strategies and tools with you that will help you to find and create great content for your coaching business. I’ll be sharing all the tools that I use for my own content creation right here in the blog. Enjoy!

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    You can find great content ideas from leading figures in your own industry. They already know what their audience is looking for, the problems that their clients struggle with and the kinds of topics that they need to cover.

    So, follow them, learn from them and then put your own twist on it.

    See what they talk about and see what articles, podcasts or content is really popular. You can see this from the engagement on the article or the content, like how many comments the piece of content has, how many shares, and how popular it is.

    Then consider what you think about the topic and what else you can add to the discussion.  Don’t get caught up thinking, “Someone else already wrote about it so I can’t…

    That’s not true.

    The only thing you can’t do is copy. But you can get inspired and add your own thoughts and ideas into the topic and then publish it.


    Online forums will help you identify the questions and problems that your clients are facing and create awesome content to help, so get online and start searching!

    I personally love Quora and Reddit.

    Quora is a question-and-answer website that allows you to follow different topics. You ask questions, follow different people and also use the search bar to filter the content there for your keywords. For example, you put in the keyword ‘public relations’ and then you can see all the questions that pop up with regard to public relations.

    These questions are what you can use for your own content ideas. So, make sure you see which questions people engage with most and also keep your eyes peeled for ideas that might also interest your audience.

    Reddit is also a similar kind of a website, but more in a ‘news style’. You have more filter options on topics which is great, but it can also get a bit overwhelming at times. However, stick to using it in a simple way and it’s great.

    The same goes for Quora. It’s fairly easy and you will quickly get a good overview of questions that are being asked and challenges that people run into in your industry.


    There are two amazing tools which you can use to analyse what content performs the best for any topic or your competitors and get inspired. One is called BuzzSumo and the other is

    BuzzSumo is amazing and looks great. The free version is also workable and you can find out a lot by using it. There’s also a paid version where you can go much, much more in depth. is also really, really great because it’s different. It’s a tool that gives you consumer insights in a very visual way. It’s organized into categories and gives you an overview of what questions people ask on Google and Bing.

    Just visit the website, put in the keyword and see what you can afford. You can find out about your industry and about your keyword. There’s also a paid version which is also great, but not needed. The free version is great to get started.


    Another great way you can create stunning content is to answer the specific questions your audience has, even if you don’t have an audience yet.

    If you do have an audience, you can go onto the comments section on your website and on your social media channels to find out what your clients want to know.

    If you’re still building your business or your audience doesn’t give you much feedback yet, you can also check your competitor’s websites and social media platforms and just see what people ask and what people struggle with. Then you can see if you can answer their questions and make a piece of content out of it.

    You can also go to Facebook groups for inspiration. There are some really amazing Facebook groups out there on very specific topics and around specific industries.

    Join them, go through the questions that people ask and try to answer them.

    Always remember to answer the question and be of service with every piece of content you create.

    If you can do this you’ll always be on the winning side.


    Tip number five is a bit more advanced, but it’s very useful. That’s to use your analytics.

    Every platform you use has an analytics part, Facebook has it, Instagram has it, Pinterest has it, and I hope your website has it too. (If you don’t have it yet, make sure you go over and set up Google Analytics now.)

    Then get yourself on the analytics and see what’s happening on those pages. Where do people visit the most? Where do they stick around the longest? What links did they click? How did they get to the website? What do they type into Google to find you?

    Working through this really gives you lots of insights. For example, let’s say that analytics says that people spend most time on one particular piece of content on your website and there are a lot of comments.

    From this, you can consider if there is additional content you could create around that topic that your ideal client would be interested in. Then simply create a new piece of content around that.

    The same goes for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. See what posts people engage with the most, check out the comments and see if you can build on this particular piece of content.

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    Following trends and staying up to date will help you stay ahead of the online traffic so you can create awesome content that meets the specific needs of your clients and provides relevant help and advice.

    You can do this by following the trends. You can use Google Trends, which is a website by Google that analyses how popular a specific topic is at any given moment. For example, you’ll know if there’s a World Cup going on, if it’s Halloween or whatever. You can also type in your keywords and then you can see what topics are popular around it, then set up Google Alerts.

    Google Alerts filters the internet based on the keywords you want and then sends you an email based around this topic. Be very specific on what you want to track and what keywords you want to get emails about so you don’t get overwhelmed.  If you, for example, put in ‘coach’ or ‘coaching’ as a keyword, you can imagine how many hits you’ll get!


    Industry publications are another great source of information that will tell you what is trending at any time, so I’d highly advise you to read them, watch them and listen to them whenever you can. Great sources include special interest magazines, blogs and YouTube channels.

    Look for the big ones and see what’s trending and what content these publications cover.

    For example, maybe they just recently published a survey around a topic that is interesting for your audience. Then you can take the results of this survey, add your thoughts and build a piece of content around it. Same goes for any specific piece of research, study or viral content.


    A pro trick you can use when you’re brainstorming that awesome content idea is to get up and start talking to yourself. Really! It might not be a common trick, but it works wonders for me. It really allows my ideas to flow and helps improve the depth and quality of my posts.

    This is what I do…I have a whiteboard in my office and whenever I create a piece of content, I put the main topic in the centre and then I start brainstorming. I’ll write down any useful or related ideas I have for this content and write it around the main keyword.

    Then I walk through the house and I think about this topic and I talk to myself.

    Just try it out, you know, get up, walk around the house and think of the topic. Then imagine yourself speaking to your ideal client and explaining everything you know around this topic.

    This will help you get into the flow, help you come up with new ideas and think of things that never would have crossed your mind if you just sat down at your laptop and tried to just write down the content you want to create.


    Content aggregation tools can help you create a ‘feed’ of content that you can review. This will help to get you inspired and have a good overview of what topics are trending in your niche at any given moment.

    There are two of these tools that I’d recommend you start using.

    The first one is Feedly. Feedly is a tool that allows you to create your own content feed by following different websites and blogs. It’s really a great way to get an overview of what’s happening in your chosen niche.

    Flipboard is similar. It aggregates content as well, but it goes a bit deeper because you can also add social media, news feeds, photo sharing sites, and other websites. You’ll have a broader overview, you can also put the content together however you like, and you can have your own digital folders with interesting pieces of content topics or whatever you’re interested in.


    Have you ever noticed how you might get a fantastic idea for content when you’re doing something like brushing your teeth, having a walk or out grocery shopping?

    But when you come to create content, your mind goes blank and you’re completely stuck for ideas…

    You can overcome this struggle by capturing your ideas in a notebook, in your phone, or somewhere like Evernote or Google Keep as you go.

    Then if you get an idea for content out of the blue, write it down and it will be right there when you need it. Easy!

    Creating awesome content for your ideal clients and audience is much easier than you think.

    Follow the tips I’ve shared here, use the tools I’ve linked to and try not to get overwhelmed with it all. You don’t need to do everything at once.

    Really keep the focus, keep the focus, keep the focus and break everything down into smaller steps so you can create stunning content, become a recognised expert in your niche and get clients with ease.

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