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Hi there,

When you’ve found this site, we either talked personally OR I was recommended to you privately by someone of your circle of friends.

Anyway, you are here because you know what I do and what I can make possible for you and your relationship coaching business.

And because we both were in touch directly or indirectly and this site is for my “family and friends”, I will prefer you over “external applicants” in case you want to accept my free offer:


Do you want me to show you how to become a go-to relationship expert and skyrocket your sales – WITHOUT any complicated marketing…

…and that completely FREE?


In the upcoming 48 hours I have blocked some time, to personally talk with you about how you can become the go-to expert in your niche and skyrocket your sales.

During this consulting session we develop a step-by-step plan that will allow you as relationship coach to become the go-to expert without any complicated marketing.


And I even help you for free!

And don’t worry, I won’t waste your time – actually the opposite. I am so convinced that I can help you I offer you the following…


My promise:

If, after our consulting session, you can’t see how it’s possible for you to become a go-to expert as a relationship coach, I will send you 200 Euro as compensation for the “time you wasted” …


Caution: This is not for everyone!


  • You need to be a relationship coach, love coach, dating coach, divorce coach, heartbreak coach, breakup coach, sex coach, intimacy coach or a coach who works with any kind of interpersonal relationships and helps to improve people’s love lives.


  • You need to be really good in what you do and produce valuable results.


  • You need to work ethically and sell products and services that do not objectify women or men (aka. if you’re a pickup artist, we’re not a match)!


  • You need to be open to leave your comfort zone to personally grow and create much better results than before.


  • You need to be comfortable with the thought to invest time, energy and money to surpass yourself and achieve the results you dream of.


  • You need to be a doer, driven and motivated to be able to implement my proven step-by-step system to become the go-to expert in your niche.


If you find yourself in that description, click the button!

Caution: There are only a few sessions available in the upcoming time!

I am looking forward to meeting and consulting you!

Simone Sauter-Krol

PR & Publicity Expert 


​I went to a business event where I heard Simone talk about PR and her proven strategy to get into the media. Suddenly, I realised that I had been doing it all wrong from the beginning. I applied the steps and thought about her advice how to and how not to approach the media in my new efforts. Within 1 day (!) I had booked 3 new interviews about my business in national on- and offline media! One of it with 53 million monthly readers. I am glad that I know this now, and I wished I had known this earlier! Thank you, Simone!



Simone is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to PR and publicity! She knows exactly how to get your coaching business in the media. During my work with her, I have experienced her as very reliable and supportive! She takes you by the hand and helps you step by step to avoid overwhelm. Her expertise, experience and own results are huge and speak for itself. If you’re ready to put in the work, Simone is the perfect PR and publicity expert to approach. I can warmly recommend her.



I started my coaching business a couple of months ago and I knew I had to become visible if I want to succeed as a coach. Simone is the perfect person to work with because she has been where I am now and therefore, she understands exactly what I need and brings across her knowledge in an easy and comprehensible way. Her coaching sessions are very effective, and you can fully focus on the work with her as you’ll receive a recording of the session. To get through all the information you can find out there by myself, and to acquire her valuable knowledge would have been impossible for me being a mom of two and building my own business. Simone is very motivating and supportive, shares all her comprehensive expertise and was a tremendous help for me. I am happy I’ve met her and can highly recommend her. 



Simone is my office colleague at Hashtag Workmode Groningen. I got to know her as funny and sincere. After a while I got to know Simone better and I appreciate her even more for her courage. During a workshop she has opened my eyes. Simone has shared her knowledge of PR in a very authentic way and made me excited to do more with it. She has brought what seemed far away closer and I am grateful for that. Simone shares her profession with humor, practical and to the point.



highly recommend to attend a workshop of Simone if you want to learn more about visibility in the media. For me, it’s totally clear that stories are key, but how do I get them out there? Simone gave very helpful insights on how to think like a journalist. After her presentation, I felt a high vibe energy to go for it and started to work on getting in the publications I always wanted. Thank you, Simone!




Caution: There are only a few sessions available in the upcoming time!


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